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Active Trans-Resveratrol
The Cornerstone of Age Defense Waters
Each of our waters contains 100 mg of Active Trans-Resveratrol to fight the aging process. When scientists first discovered Resveratrol in 2003, the findings set the world of medical and scientific research on fire.

Active Trans-Resveratrol is the most potent and promising anti-aging antioxidant available today.
Read more about Resveratrol.
News & Headlines
White Fade
Get Age Defense Waters at Sprouts Markets Nationwide
Bona Vita RX Age Defense Water is now available for retail purchase at Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide. Please see your local Sprouts for in-stock inventory and pricing or specials.
Get In-Shape With Bona Vita RX CEO Connie Wesson
Bona Vita RX is committed to providing its customers and fans with products and tips associated with anti-aging, health and weight-loss. The videos below are intended on inspiring your active life-style.
Entertain With Bona Vita RX Age Defense Waters
Our beverages blend very well with many types of mixers and alcohols. Since they have 0 calories, Age Defense Waters can make your favorite cocktails a little more enjoyable because they'll be...
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