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About Monk Fruit

Why Did Age Defense Water Choose Monk Fruit?
Age Defense Water’s goal has always been to produce a healthy energy beverage whose ingredients complement one another. The resveratrol that we use has many health benefits and the research behind resveratrol is getting stronger every day. We wanted to create a beverage that do not contain sugar, tastes great and is naturally sweetened without high calories. The monk fruit is naturally sweet without high calorie content and sugar. The sweetness of the monk fruit actually comes from the mogroside which is a group of glycosides compounds found in the fresh of the fruit. Mogroside turns out to be an antioxidant and has health benefits as well. The Monk Fruit is the perfect complement to our antioxidant rich age defense beverages.

Our goal at Age Defense Water was to create water that is full of protective antioxidants and will give you healthy energy to sustain you throughout the day. In this hectic world, people do not always have the best diet and are often tired and lethargic. Age Defense Water aims to correct that by giving everyone the ability to drink some of the best and well-studied antioxidants in healthy energy water.
What is Monk Fruit?
Monk fruit, also known as the Luo Han Guo fruit, has been used as medicine in China since the 13th century. It was first discovered and harvested by monks living in the mountainous region of Southern China.

The fruit is also known as the “longevity fruit” because residents within this region who incorporate this fruit into their diet have been known to live very long lives. The Chinese believe the fruit restores balance within the human body as the fruit can get rid of “internal heat” which may cause constipation and other digestive illnesses.

There are currently many studies underway as to the health benefits of the Luo Han Guo fruit and its effects on diabetes, allergies, skin cancer and heart disease. Studies are all at preliminary stages so there is still much more research to be done to find all of the potential health benefits that this amazing little fruit has to offer.

Here are some links of the research and study findings of the monk fruit:


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