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The World is Talking About Bona Vita RX Age Defense Waters
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Bona Vita RX Bottle Design Wins a Silver Medal!

Beverage World Magazine's - Global Packaging Design Awards
Posted December 2010

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Bona Vita RX Age Defense Water was awarded a Silver place win in Beverage World magazine's 2010 Global Packing Design Awards. This competition for beverage bottle and packaging design was open to the world's top beverage companies.

Bona Vita RX is proud of this award, and of our team for scoring so high amongst fierce competition. We hope to build a successful brand that has mass appeal as well as consumer loyalty.

See the article below. Or see the full Beverage World - Nov 10th 2010 Issue.

  EternalRx Anti-Aging Water System EternalRx Inc., Chula Vista, Calif., USA Designer: EternalRx Anti-Aging Water System, Frank Agolia (in house designer & graphics manager) The company believes that Frank Agolia, the package’s designer, was able to bring simplicity yet striking beauty to its beverage design. CEO Connie Wesson and her husband, CFO Garrett Wesson, wanted to bring elements of style and clean design that is popular in the home and gift industry to the beverage world and worked with Agolia to bring this vision to life. The clean white background mixed with the vivid colorful graphic of the fruits and florals is something the beverage market has not seen before, says the company. The aim was to design a beverage that can be appreciated by a more stylish, affluent and educated consumer who is actively seeking products that can help them slow down the aging process. The Wessons think that their “high design” beverages have achieved that goal of appealing to their target consumer. They say their line of beverages is quite different from designs that are commonplace in the beverage market and have also brought elements of high design aspects from other industries into the beverage world. Furthermore, they say EternalRx had quite a challenge as anti-aging is a new category in the beverage business. They wanted to capture the target consumer of predominantly sophisticated, educated, affluent and health conscious women ages 25 and up. When they look at their packaging, they feel they have achieved that goal.
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