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Women In Film’s Power In Numbers 2012 Crystal + Lucy Awards Cover
Age Defense Water Sponsors WIF 2012 Awards

Posted June 2012

Age Defense Waters was a proud sponsor of Women In Film’s "Power In Numbers" 2012 Crystal + Lucy Awards. Age Defense Water beverages were also featured in gift bags given to celebrity and VIP attendees.

Recipients of the gift bags included such stars as Christina Applegate, Viola Davis (Best Actress Oscar winner for The Help), Bill Paxton (of Titanic and fan favorite Golden Globe nominee for Big Love), Oscar winner Meryl Streep, and Ed O'neil of ABC's hit TV series Modern Family.

Additional recipients included; Bonnie Hammer, Chloe Grace Moretz, Anette Haellmigk, Elizabeth Gabler, Nancy Utley, Claudia Lewis, Vanessa Morrison Murchison, Jenna Elfman, Diahann Carroll, Nicola Marimotti, and Tom Rothman.
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